iCAN'19 世界大会 結果

2019年6月22日~24日にドイツ・ベルリンにてiCAN'19世界大会が開催されました。日本からは国内予選で上位に入賞したImage Tracking 3D(東北大学)、Othello for Everyone(仙台市立五橋中学校・東北学院大学・東北大学)が出場いたしました。

Image Tracking 3D(東北大学)のプレゼンテーション

Othello for Everyone(仙台市立五橋中学校・東北学院大学・東北大学)のプレゼンテーション

Country / Region Project Title
1st Prize Hong Kong Table Tennis Shooter Robot
1st Prize China for Active Sign Language
1st Prize Germany Heatshockers
2nd Prize Germany Drink Mate
2nd Prize Japan Image Tracking 3D
2nd Prize China Heart Patch-Treatment and Management Platform of Cardiac Disease and Heart Health Diagnosis
3rd Prize China Support an Logistics Robot
3rd Prize Taiwan AIoT Telehealth, Principe of Conditional Reflection
3rd Prize Thailand Autonomous Ultra-violet Sterilization Robot for Hospitals
3rd Prize France Food Species Identification Using MEMS Spectrometer
3rd Prize Switzerland Datalogger for Vacuum Desiccator
3rd Prize China The Technology about Controlling Animal "Robot" Behaviors Based on the Principle of Conditional Reflection
3rd Prize Japan Othello for Everyone
3rd Prize UK Warwick Sleep
3rd Prize Poland Well-Water Expertise Low-Cost Laboratory
3rd Prize Belgium Sensor Based Service Robot
3rd Prize China UniBot-Modular Unit Robot
3rd Prize France Study and Development of a Wireless Solution for Implant Monitoring for Functional Rehabilitation
3rd Prize Switzerland Smart Training Tool for Climbing