International Symposium on Integrated Microsystems

Introduction of the “Integrated Microsystems” Project   Prof. M. Esashi 
Tohoku Univ. 
Initial Stage Prototyping for the Hetero Integration   Prof. S. Tanaka
Tohoku Univ. 
Hands-on Access to Fabrication Facility   Prof. K. Totsu
Tohoku Univ. 
Massive Parallel EB Exposure Systems   Prof. M. Esashi 
Tohoku Univ. 
Introduction of the “Research Center for Ubiquitous MEMS and Micro Engineering”   Dr. R. Maeda 
Production Stage Pprototyping for the Hetero Integration   Dr. T. Kobayashi 
High Efficiency Integrated MEMS Production Technology   Dr. H. Takagi 
MEMS Commercialization: Bridging the Gap from Prototype to Production  Mr. P. Krishnan
Imec CMORE SiGe MEMS Technology Platform  Dr. S. Donnay 
IMEC (Belgium)  
MEMS, Advanced Microsystems, and Their Integration in the Léti's Platforms  Dr. A. Rouzaud
LETI (France)
Smart Systems Integration by Using Advanced MEMS Technologies  Prof. T. Gessner
Fraunhofer ENAS (Germany)  
MEMS for Biological Applications and Energy  Prof. C. F. Pirri
Torino Institute of Technology (Italy)
Wafer-Level Heterogeneous Integration Techniques for MEMS and IC Prof. G. Stemme
Royal Institute of Technology KTH (Sweden)
“Total Solution for MEMS Application- Relations with Worldwide Nanotech Centers -  Mr. S. Kaminaga
Sumitomo Precision (Japan)
MEMS OMRON Way   Dr. Y. Sekiguchi
OMRON (Japan) 
New Age of MEMS Large Wafer Scale Production  Dr. K. Suzuki 
Dainippon Printing (Japan) 
MEMS Process Integration and Volume Production  Dr. J. Hsieh
APM (Taiwan) 
Introduction of the RFID/USN Center” and the MEMS in Korea  Dr. K. K. Choi 
RFID/USN Center (Korea)