About the Sendai MEMS Show room

1. History

Based on a cooperation contract signed in 2005 by City of Sendai and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Germany, Sendai MEMS Show Room was opened at MEMS Core Co., Ltd. in Sendai in 2006. The Show Room had been operated by cooperation of MEMS Core, City of Sendai, Fraunhofer representative office Japan and Tohoku University.
Since 2010, Micro Integration Center, Tohoku University has operated Hands-on-access Facility at Jun-ichi Nishizawa Memorial Research Center. Over 80 companies have accessed the facility for their prototyping of MEMS and semiconductor devices. In order to make more engineers have chance to visit the Show Room, the Show Room was moved into Jun-ichi Nishizawa Memorial Research Center and renewed on May 16th, 2012.


(1) Managing institutions : MEMS Park Consortium, City of Sendai, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft representative office Japan, Tohoku University
(2) Place : 2nd floor, Jun-ichi Nishizawa Memorial Research Center, Tohoku University
(3) Area : 71.6 m2
(4) Opening : May 16th, 2012
(5) Features :
The renewed content includes a history of MEMS development and the trends at Tohoku University. Materials produced by other world-wide research institutions and local companies are also demonstrated. Over 100 MEMS samples and 30 posters are displayed with English/Japanese text. The visitor can feel a history of MEMS development in the world, and particularly understand a flow of industrialization of MEMS.
The show room includes a Tatami zone and a screen. Visitors can enjoy a meeting and a seminar in the show room.
English/Japanese text is available for all samples and posters.
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